Mick Mulvaney: Reagan challenged “malaise” and “steered us to a boom”

Mick MulvaneyFor merely suggesting that we can get back to that level [3 percent annual growth], the administration has been criticized as unrealistic. That’s fine with us. We heard the same pessimism 40 years ago, when the country was mired in “stagflation” and “malaise.” But Ronald Reagan dared to challenge that thinking and steered us to a boom that many people thought unachievable. Continue reading Mick Mulvaney: Reagan challenged “malaise” and “steered us to a boom”

White House: “Clear parallel” between US-France WWI alliance and “what we’re doing today”

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL: Well, let’s keep in mind what the, sort of, centerpiece of the trip is, which is the French National Day and its celebration of the 100th anniversary of US forces entering World War I — an entry which was really decisive, historically.

The French Army had sustained horrendous losses over three years of war; Russia had just fallen out of the war because of the Bolshevik Revolution, so a million German forces were being transferred to the Western Front. Continue reading White House: “Clear parallel” between US-France WWI alliance and “what we’re doing today”

Marc Short: “The Senate is conducting the slowest confirmation process in American history”

This is a common White House refrain that has been extensively discussed and fact-checked. See here, here, and here, and see also an earlier claim with more specific historical references.

Yet as even The Washington Post has reported, the Senate is conducting the slowest confirmation process in American history.

But it is historic in the level of obstruction that is denying the will of the American people who elected a new administration and expect that administration to be able to staff the departments.

—White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short
Press Briefing,  July 10, 2017

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White House: Trump Poland speech “best” since Reagan, “most important” in decades

In Poland, President Trump gave a powerful and historic speech in Warsaw that was widely praised both in Poland and the United States as one of the most important speeches by an American President on foreign soil in decades.

—Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Sanders
Press Briefing, July 10, 2017


When you look at what President Trump did in Europe and recommitting ourselves to our NATO allies, committing ourselves to our partners in Europe, our partners across the world, committing ourselves to the values of the West, delivering a speech in Poland which many people said are the best speeches since Ronald Reagan.

—White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus

Fox News Sunday, July 9, 2017

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Trump: “Fight for the West” akin to Warsaw Uprising

The memories of those who perished in the Warsaw Uprising cry out across the decades, and few are clearer than the memories of those who died to build and defend the Jerusalem Avenue crossing. Those heroes remind us that the West was saved with the blood of patriots; that each generation must rise up and play their part in its defense — (applause) — and that every foot of ground, and every last inch of civilization, is worth defending with your life.

Our own fight for the West does not begin on the battlefield — it begins with our minds, our wills, and our souls. Today, the ties that unite our civilization are no less vital, and demand no less defense, than that bare shred of land on which the hope of Poland once totally rested. Our freedom, our civilization, and our survival depend on these bonds of history, culture, and memory.

— President Donald Trump

Remarks by President Trump to the People of Poland, July 6, 2017

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Trump: Claims of energy scarcity were “fake” and a “big, beautiful myth”

For over 40 years, America was vulnerable to foreign regimes that used energy as an economic weapon. Americans’ quality of life was diminished by the idea that energy resources were too scarce to support our people.

We always thought that, and actually at the time it was right to think. We didn’t think we had this tremendous wealth under our feet. Many of us remember the long gas lines and the constant claims that the world was running out of oil and natural gas.

Americans were told that our nation could only solve this energy crisis by imposing draconian restrictions on energy production. But we now know that was all a big, beautiful myth. It was fake.

—President Donald Trump

Remarks at the Unleashing American Energy Event, June 29, 2017

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Perry, Zinke, Pruitt: US “energy story” has been about scarcity and foreign influence for 40 years

This is a truly amazing moment in the energy sector, and President Trump is seeking to capitalize on the opportunity for the betterment of the American economy and our citizens. For the first time in four decades, the energy story in the United States is about becoming an energy exporter and no longer about peak resources or being beholden to foreign powers.

—Secretaries Rick Perry, Ryan Zinke, and Scott Pruitt

Paving the Path to U.S. Energy Dominance, Washington Times op-ed, June 26, 2017

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Rick Perry: In the 1960s, nuclear energy was “cool.” Overregulation changed that

One of the things we want to do at DOE is to make nuclear energy cool again, from the standpoint of — if you remember when we were kids — well, sorry, you’re nowhere near my age — but when I was younger in the ’60s and a lot of kids wanted to go into the nuclear energy field.

At my alma mater there were a lot of young boys and girls who wanted to be nuclear engineers. That’s not so much the case today because this industry has been strangled all too often by government regulations.

—Secretary of Energy Rick Perry

Press Briefing, June 27, 2017

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Why Trump has the Panama Canal on his mind: historic infrastructure projects

It’s our great honor to have President and Mrs. Varela from Panama.  And we have many things to discuss.  We’re going to spend quite a bit of time today — the Panama Canal is doing quite well.  I think we did a good job building it, right?

President Trump’s apparent misfire during his meeting with President Varela of Panama (which Twitter quickly turned into a trending topic) was likely due to the fact that he and other officeholders have had big, historic infrastructure projects on their minds. The Panama Canal is just one of the historical references recently deployed in an effort to inspire public interest in this topic, and to make a point about regulation and red tape. Continue reading Why Trump has the Panama Canal on his mind: historic infrastructure projects

Trump: “Nobody has gotten rid of so many regulations as the Trump administration”

We will be removing federal restrictions that have prevented many different industries from creating apprenticeship programs.  We have regulations on top of regulations.  And in history, nobody has gotten rid of so many regulations as the Trump administration.  And that’s one of the reasons that you see the jobs and the companies all kicking in so strongly.