Mo BrooksFurther, over the past 50 years, America has been the world’s environmental leader. No country on Earth has done more to reduce pollution by cleaning our air, cleaning our water, and properly disposing of hazardous waste. That 50-year record is compelling evidence that America’s focus on being good environmental stewards will continue, with or without the Paris climate accord. That is world leadership.

I know of nothing that says we are going to stop being the world’s environmental leader. That 50-year record is also compelling evidence that America can and will lead on our own without hamstringing ourselves with a badly negotiated, one-sided Paris climate accord that reduces America’s wealth while costing struggling American families their jobs.

In summary, I am proud that President Trump puts America first. America should not and must not yield even a smidgen of our national sovereignty to the dictates of other, lesser nations.

Despite liberal climate-scare and socialist Democrat hysteria to the contrary, America has been and is, by almost every standard, the greatest Nation in world history.

With an America First attitude, America will continue its 75-year streak as the greatest Nation in the history of the world, second to none.

—Rep. Mo Brooks (R–AL)

Paris Climate Accord, House Floor, June 7, 2017

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