Jared HuffmanIn this statement, Rep. Jared references a Washington Post fact-check which can be found here.

A couple of weeks ago, President Trump claimed that projects like the Hoover Dam were built in 5 years because they didn’t have to go through years of permitting and regulation that current infrastructure projects are subjected to.

In fact, dam planning on the Colorado River began in 1902, yet the Hoover Dam was not completed until 1937.

Not completed, I might add, until the Roosevelt administration put actual public infrastructure dollars on the table to get that project financed and moving.

The project took many years because, even despite the absence of modern environmental laws, big complicated projects take time to plan and finance, and they always have.

—Rep. Jared Huffman (D–CA)

Water Supply Permitting Coordination Act, House Floor, June 22, 2017

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