Steve DainesToday I wish to remember metal mining’s greatest disaster, the Granite Mountain/Speculator Mine Fire that took place 100 years ago in Butte, MT, that claimed the lives of 168 men.

One hundred years after this tragedy, we are also reminded of how far we have come in hard rock mining. Jobs that were once seen as high risk are now very desirable, not just due to high wages, but more importantly because of advances in safety. In fact, according to the Department of Labor, fiscal year 2016 was the safest year in mining history. The continued progress toward safer mining has been a shared effort across State and Federal agencies, as well as the mining community itself. New technology, better practices, special initiatives, and improved training have led to a culture in mining communities and industry that prioritizes safety. The Granite Mountain/ Speculator Mine Fire reminds us so that we must continue to push for even safer mining.

—Sen. Steve Daines (R–MT)

Granite Mountain/Speculator Mine Fire,  Senate Floor, June 7, 2017

See also: Sen. Tester: Legacy of the 1917 Granite Mountain disaster is “a unification of the U.S. labor movement and an unprecedented push for labor laws”

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