Sen. Patrick Leahy: Cold War Cuba restrictions treated people “as pawns in a political game”

Patrick Leahy

How well did restricting travel by Americans to Cuba work from 1961 until 2014, when President Obama relaxed those Cold War restrictions, decades after the Russians had abandoned the island and Cuba no longer posed any threat to us? It failed miserably. At the same time, it treated the Cuban and American people as pawns in a political game.

Throughout those many years, the Castro government had a ready excuse for its own failings and repressive policies. They could blame it on the United States, and for many years, the Cuban people believed it because we, with our embargo, wouldn’t let Americans travel to Cuba or do business there.

—Sen. Patrick Leahy (D–VT)

Trump Administration Cuba Policy,  Senate Floor, June 26, 2017

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Tillerson: “America First” means bringing foreign relations “back into balance”

So let’s talk first about my view of how you translate “America first” into our foreign policy. And I think I approach it really that it’s America first for national security and economic prosperity, and that doesn’t mean it comes at the expense of others. Our partnerships and our alliances are critical to our success in both of those areas. But as we have progressed over the last 20 years – and some of you could tie it back to the post-Cold War era as the world has changed, some of you can tie it back to the evolution of China since the post-Nixon era and China’s rise as an economic power, and now as a growing military power – Continue reading Tillerson: “America First” means bringing foreign relations “back into balance”

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher: Reagan’s Staff Tried to Stop Him from Saying “Tear Down This Wall”

Dana Rohrabacher

Ronald Reagan, when he went to the Berlin Wall and he said, “Tear down this wall,” it changed history and made our country safe for decades ahead. I did not write those remarks, but I am very proud that I helped smuggle those remarks to the President of the United States so that he had the option of saying it. And of course, once he read those remarks, he was bound to say it, even though his senior staff tried to prevent him from doing so.

—Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R–CA)

Republicans Can Accomplish Great Things, House Floor, May 2, 2017

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