Sen. Ben Sasse: Kids today are more “insulated from work” than any time in history

Ben SasseHow do we raise our kids better in an era of perpetual adolescence? Because that’s the new thing, right?

Adolescence is a gift, the idea that you have a kind of greenhouse stage as you transition from the dependency of early childhood to the independence of adulthood.

But perpetual adolescence is a danger. We should be able to distinguish between 10- and 15- and 20- and 25-year-olds. And it’s increasingly difficult to do that. It’s a very new thing. Continue reading Sen. Ben Sasse: Kids today are more “insulated from work” than any time in history

DeVos: US education system, based on Prussian model, has little to show after 50 years

Betsy DeVosI want to begin by saying it’s time for us to break out of the confines of the federal government’s arcane approach to education. Why now? Because Washington has been in the driver’s seat for over 50 years with very little to show for its efforts. We’ll never be able to solve a problem unless we acknowledge it exists, so here’s the current reality:

…The system is based on the Prussian model implemented in the early 1800s. Yes, courtesy of a country that no longer exists.

—Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos

Remarks to the 2017 ASU GSV Summit, May 9, 2017

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Betsy DeVos: “Oldest School Choice Program in the Country Was Started by a Democrat”

The effort to open up American education and to provide choices has come a very long way. It started as one program in 1990 in Milwaukee, championed by a Democratic city councilwoman, Polly Williams. It had 341 students in its first year. Yes, you heard that right. The oldest school choice program in the country was started by a Democrat.

—Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos

Remarks by U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to the American Federation for Children’s National Policy Summit,  May 22, 2017

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