Rep. Keith Ellison: Trump’s populism an “insult to the great populists”

Keith EllisonI don’t think anybody’s faith or confidence in this President as a populist will survive this budget–what a joke, and what an insult to the great populists of American history like the populist movement in William Jennings Bryan, that they would dare to associate themselves with populism.

—Rep. Keith Ellison (D–MN)

President Trump’s Budget, House Floor, May 24, 2017

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Rep. Jamie Raskin: Trump Campaigned Like William Jennings Bryan but Has Richest Cabinet in US History

America needs to know that all of the protests and the popular participation is working. The Women’s March set the whole context for discussion about what is going to happen here because we know that President Trump campaigned like William Jennings Bryan, like he was a big populist. He was going to be on the side of the working people. But he got in, and the very people he denounced, like Goldman Sachs, have come to run his government. It is a Wall Street Cabinet. It is the wealthiest Cabinet in the history of the United States. That is who this government represents today. That is what this tax plan represents today.

— Jamie Raskin (D–MD)

President Trump’s Tax Plan, House Floor, April 27, 2017

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